St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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Louisville, KY
1981 Steiner-Reck

In 2017, we were commissioned to renovate the console at St. Mark’s, the original combination action having ceased to function. We were also asked to make recommendations to improve the console ergonomically, while keeping within a reasonable financial framework. Our solution, therefore, was to convert the console from using lit pushbutton stops to elegant drawknobs. We also installed a new combination-action from Syndyne Inc., who also supplied the engravings. The drawknob terraces, nameboard, piston rails and toe bolsters are new, made from cherry as were the old components, and we were able to use the original console shell and the manuals, which are the original manuals from the original Moller organ which was installed in the early twentieth century. The key-cheeks, having been made new by Steiner-Reck, were thinned to allow more space for drawknobs, given a more elegant “S” profile, and finished with a natural oil finish to bring out the dark character of the natural walnut. We also provided a custom made adjustable bench.

We continue to perform regular maintenance on the instrument.