St. Benedict SSPX Catholic Church


Louisville, KY
M.P. Moller
1959 – Opus 9305
Originally from Christ Lutheran, Louisville, KY

Having strong attachment to the ancient Tridentine liturgy of the Catholic Church, the congregation at St. Benedict approached us about obtaining an instrument which could well accompany chant, as well as choral singing. The Moller organ proved to be a perfect fit, being small enough not to crowd out the traditional choir, while being diverse enough to deliver fitting service to the liturgy. Realistically, the stoplist is as ideal as it gets for a five-rank instrument, incorporating a Celeste as well as a Trumpet, the latter of which functions as both a bold solo stop, as well as a perfect crown to the plenum.

Originally a chamber installation, the now free-standing instrument was lacking a case, but we commissioned a woodworker in the congregation to build the surrounding case to our specifications.