1898 August Prante


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Through a series of unfortunate events, the historic 1898 August Prante organ has come into our possession orphaned. This instrument, now disassembled and carefully stored, is one of only three remaining intact instruments from its builder, and has a citation from the Organ Historical Society denoting it as an instrument worthy of preservation. We are currently seeking a good home where this instrument can be cherished.

Possessing a broad and assertive character, it would make an ideal instrument for a medium-size congregation (a building seating between 300 and 500 people), or a good second instrument for a larger building with ample space to accommodate the large footprint, which is approximately 14′ wide, 14′ deep and 20′ high (center facade pipe). We are currently providing the instrument “free with installation”, and estimate the cost to install the instrument, including the correcting of some minor issues, to be in the order of magnitude of $60,000. If interested, please contact us to arrange an assessment of the space so a firm figure can be ascertained.

You can also donate to help defray the cost of the storage and paid advertisements to find a home for the organ, via a gofundme setup specifically for this purpose: https://www.gofundme.com/d4896s